We need banking. We don’t need banks.

People need better banking, not more banks.

Hey there!👋
We are building Spencer, a private banker in your pocket that helps you spend less, save more and make daily banking a lot more fun!

Spencer looks after your hard-earned money, 24-7

We are building an app that makes exclusive services like private banking and smart financial coaching available to everyone, for free.
Spencer works with your existing bank accounts, so there's no need to switch banks at all!
Our goal is to simply make daily banking much easier, faster and more proactive. We want people to get a better understanding of their income, their spending and how it compares to people just like them.
Davy Kestens, CEO Spencer

A better app on top of your existing bank account

To use Spencer, you don't need to switch banks or get a new bank account at all. It doesn't matter if you only have 1 account at 1 bank, or 16 at multiple.

Spencer brings all of them together in one single banking app with many cool new features! 💥

Spencer acts like a personal assistant for your money 💰

We are building intelligent and proactive functionalities that we always wished our old banking app would have had.
Smarter monitoring of transactions
Did the local restaurant just charge you 3 times the amount that people usually pay there? Spencer will let you know!
Easier splitting of bills
Spencer can instantly split bills and request payments from friends. After a few days, Spencer will subtly remind them to pay as well! 😉
Set it and forget it
Automate transactions. Move money around the second your salary hits the bank, or automatically save your spare change at the end of the month. Spencer will handle it!
Wait, there's more.
Spencer will take your personal financial data to the next level.
"Did you know?"
Spencer will anonymously compare your spending and income with others, to tell you things you might not be aware of.
Buy more, with less
By matching your recurring transactions to retail promotions, Spencer will let you know where to best spend your money.
And much more ...
But we aren't going to give away all the good stuff just yet.. 😎 Stay tuned and sign up for early access!